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The production process begins with the collection of the right raw materials. When new raw materials arrive, they are first placed in quarantine until they are analyzed and cleared for release. This is always carried out by a qualified person. Then the raw materials are mixed in a mixer. When the mixture is ready, it is filled into jars, sachets or bottles. Mallard has  separate lines for injectables, oral liquids and water-soluble powders in order to meet customers’ demands for different dosage forms.

After a product has been filled, the jars and bottles are labeled.The choice of label depends on the country to which the product will be sent and the language spoken there. Before the products are shipped to customers, they are analyzed once again. After release by our laboratory, the products can be shipped to our customers.

All our products are stored in our warehouse while they await shipping. Products are packaged securely so that they can be shipped by sea or air. Our logistics department coordinates closely with distributors abroad to ensure that each delivery arrives safely at its destination.

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