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Antibiotic/Antibacterial/ Intra Mammary Preparation
Oxymall Injection



Cattle: Anaplasmosis, pneumonia, leptospirosis, foot-rot, diphtheria, systemic mastitis, blackleg, bacterial enteritis, actinobacillosis navel/joint, ill, heartwater, dermatophilosis, wound infections and pinkeye. Aid in the control or prevention of shipping fever, pneumonia, postoperative and postparturient infections. Sheep: Pneumonia, enzootic abortion (bedsoniasis), blackleg, foot-rot, systemic mastitis, metritis, navel/joint ill, heartwater, and wound infections. Goats: Pneumonia,systemic mastitis, foot-rot, mycoplasmosis, heartwater, and wound infections. Poultry: Improves egg production, feed efficiency, weight gains, eggshell quality, Precautions: IM only. Not to be used more than 10ml at one site in heavy animals & 5ml in light animals.


Goat & Sheep: 40Kg, 4ml. Calves: 100Kg, 10ml. Cattle: 250Kg, 25ml. Buffaloes: 400Kg, 40ml. Camel: 500Kg, 50ml. Poultry: Thoroughly mix 500gm to 2.5kg per ton of finished poultry feeds.Withdrawl: 21 days, Milk: 7 days.

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