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Antibiotic Antibacterial/ Intra Mammary Preparation
Synogent Injection



Pneumonia, Bronchopneumonia, primary or secondary infections associated with viral infections. Neonate colibacillosis, weaning enteritis, salmonellosis, sepsis, pyoderma, abscesses and infected wounds. Livestock: mastitis, endometritis, cystitis nephritis, pneumonia, shipping fever, brucellosis, hemorrhagic septicemia, infectious rhinotracheitis, bacterial diarrhea, blackleg, enteritis, colibacillosis, leptospirosis. Contraindications: Gentamicin should not be used in animals with sever renal failure.


Dogs and Cats: 0.25ml per 5 Kg b.W. /day. Camel: 3ml/100Kg b.w. Pets: 0.25ml/5Kg b.w. Horse and Cattle: 4ml/100Kg b.w. Day. Calves foals: 2ml/50Kg (4mg) b.w. Day. Administer by IM, SC or slow IV injection Administer once or twice daily (in divided doses) until complete regression of symptoms. Inject the following dose dividing into 1 or 2 times per day by IM or SC. Middle, Large animal mild syndrome: 0.04ml/kg of b.w. severe syndrome: 0.1ml/kg of b.w. Small animal: 0.08 0.1ml/kg of b.w. Poultry: 8-10mg/kg b.w. or 0.2ml/Kg b.w. IM inj. Calf, foal & pets 4mg/kg b.w. IM inj or 0.1ml/Kg b.w. By IM injection 2 item on the first day every 12 hours. Repeat only daily thereafter for 2-4 days more. Withdrawal: 3 days

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