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Fluxin Injection

Flunixin Meglumine


Musculoskeletal disorders associated with pain and inflammatory arthritis, carpitis, tendinitis, myositis, laminitis, and lameness, Respiratory diseases, pneumonia and pasteurella infections, Diarrohea, abdominal pains and colic, Pre and post ophthalmic and general surgeries, Bacterial endotoxic shock in horses and dogs, Mastitis, Antipyretic (ruminants and dogs) and heat stroke in dogs. Precautions: Do not use in pregnant animals, Do not use in cats, Do not give any other product while it is in use, Do not use in thoseanimals whom are sensitive to Flunixin.


Cattle: Do not use IM or IV route. For subcutaneous injection. 200mcg injectable solution per kg of bodyweight, corresponding with 1ml per 50kg. Inject subcutaneously under the loose skin in front of or behind the shoulder. Sheep: 200 mcg injectable solution per kg of bodyweight, corresponding with 0.5ml per 25kg. Inject subcutaneously the skin under the foreleg, the loose skin behind the shoulder, the inside of thigh or suitable sites. Withdrawal: Meat: 21 days. Milk: 28 days.

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