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Trichlorfon is indicated for the treatment of Eradicates Ecto and Endoparasites. Ecto: Migrating and skin larvae of Hypoderma bovis, Mange and Depluming Mites, Lice, Hypoderma lineatum and Dermatobia hominis, Fleas, Stephanofilaria and Dermatomycoses. Endo: Gastrophilus larvae, Haemonchus, Mecistocirrus, Copperia, Trichostrongylus, Ostertagia, Roundworms of Calves, Oestrus ovis, Habronema & Schistosoma. Poultry: External parasitoses: lice, fleas, acarus, flies, and mellofagus, in fowls.


For Ecto Parasites: Prepare 2% solution and apply it on the lesions. Repeat after five days. For Endoparasites: Prepare 10% solution and give it through oral drenching at the following rates. Sheep & Goats: 30ml for 50Kg bodyweight. Calves: 60ml for 100Kg bodyweight. Cattle: 150ml for 300Kg bodyweight. Buffaloes: 200ml for 400Kg bodyweight. Camels: 250ml for 500Kg bodyweight. 2% solution. Poultry: External use: Dilute at 1,15% and pulverize/spray this preparation on the animals. Treatment of Samna and Hypodermis: dilution at 2% (20gm in 1 liter of water). body weight, 15ml per 300 kg body weight, 20ml per 400kg body weight, 25ml per 500kg body weight, Horses: 0.75ml per 10 kg body weight 1.5ml per 20 kg body weight, 2.25ml per 30 kg body weight, 3ml per 40 kg body weight, 3.75ml per 50kg body weight, 7.5ml per 100kg body weight, 15ml per 200kg body weight, 22.5ml per 300kg body weight, 30ml per 400kg body weight, 37.5ml per 500kg body weight, Poultry: 15-30mg per body weight.Withdrawal: Meat and milk should not be taken for human consumption during treatment, Meat: 14 days, Milk: 72 hours.

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